Pumping and Power Equipment Status

Equipment Status as of September 4, 2023

Major Drainage Pumps: 93 of 99 Major Drainage Pumps Available For Use

Details of pump status:

  • DPS 6 at Metairie Road: I Pump out of service due to pump bearing issue. 
    • 11 additional drainage pumps available at this station + 2 constant duty pumps
  • DPS 10 at Haynes Blvd. and Shubrick Ave. at Citrus Canal: No. 1 Pump out of service
    • 3 additional drainage pumps available at this station
  • DPS 13 near Tall Timbers Algiers: No. 4 Pump on standby for Emergency Use Only.
    • 5 additional drainage pumps available at this station + one constant duty pump
  • DPS 16 in New Orleans East: No. 2 pump out of service due to a coupling issue. 
    • 3 additional drainage pumps available at this station
  • DPS 17 near Florida Ave. and Peoples: Pumps A & D out of service due to issues with the electric motor. 

Underpass Stations:

All underpass pumps in service. 

Click here for an overview and an interactive map of our drainage system.


  • Turbine 4 available for use
  • Turbine 5 available for use
  • Turbine 6 available for use

EMDs #3 #4 and #5 are in service. EMD #1 is offline and  #2 is unavailable 

Frequency Changers #1 and #2 at Carrollton Frequency Changer Facility are available for use

Frequency Changers #3 and #4 at Station D are available for use

Plant Frequency Changer at Carrollton Water Plant out of use due to an electrical issue

Frequency Changer #2 at Algiers Water Treatment Facility available for use

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