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SWBNO Announces Retirement of Deputy General Superintendent M. Ron Spooner, a Distinguished Public Servant

For Immediate Release: Monday, May 20, 2024 4:56 PM

The Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans (SWBNO) announces the retirement of Deputy General Superintendent M. Ron Spooner, effective May 31, 2024. With a distinguished background encompassing service in the United States Navy and over 32 years of leadership in public works, Spooner leaves behind a legacy of dedication and achievement.

Spooner's career with SWBNO began in 1993 when he joined as an engineer within the Gravity Systems Administrative team. Over the years, he ascended the ranks, serving as Chief of Networks before temporarily relocating to California in 2004. However, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina drew him back to New Orleans, where he resumed his service to the city in April 2006 as an Engineering Division Manager, eventually attaining the position of Chief of Engineering.

During his tenure, Spooner held pivotal roles, including serving as Interim General Superintendent from February 2021 to December 2023. In this capacity, he oversaw critical operations for the utility including stormwater management, wastewater management, water purification, and power generation. Notably, his leadership paved the way for groundbreaking initiatives such as the Power Complex, which promises to fortify the city's drainage and drinking water systems.

SWBNO Executive Director Ghassan Korban and Mayor LaToya Cantrell applauded Spooner's dedicated public service.

"It has been a privilege to work with Ron Spooner as we serve the people of New Orleans," said Korban. "We are thankful for the contributions Ron has made to this utility. His commitment and dedication to his staff and our community is unparalleled and will not be forgotten."

"Ron Spooner has been a trusted voice for decades, serving through my time as a community activist, a Council Member, and as Mayor,” said Mayor Cantrell as he presented Mr. Spooner an honorary Key to the City. “His leadership has seen New Orleans through some of its darkest days during times of storms. The investments he has helped bring to fruition will serve our city for generations to come.”

Spooner expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to serve the residents of New Orleans alongside his team at SWBNO.

"Although I am embarking on a new journey, I am confident the residents of New Orleans are in proficient hands. Thank you to Mayor Cantrell, Ghassan Korban, the Sewerage and Water Board staff, and the citizens of New Orleans. It has been a pleasure serving you," said Spooner. 

SWBNO is also proud to name Kaitlin Tymrak, P.E. as Spooner's successor in the role of Deputy General Superintendent. Tymrak has been an instrumental member of SWBNO since 2020, tackling large-scale projects like the Power Complex and innovative programs, such as the new Program Management and Business Services Department.

“It’s an honor to serve our utility, and I’m honored to continue supporting our operations team that works hard every day, around the clock, to provide essential services for our city,” said Tymrak.

“We thank Mr. Spooner for all he’s done to serve our city and our country for over 30 years,” said Steve Nelson, General Superintendent. “His leadership and mentorship have poised me, Kaitlin, and our team at SWBNO to take the reins of responsibly, which is a testament to his selfless service and dedication to New Orleans.”  

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