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Sewerage & Water Board GI Grants
The Sewerage and Water Board issued RFPs in 2014 and 2015 from qualified environmental professionals to implement a variety of GI projects which include installation of demonstration projects, education and outreach. SWB will spend $2.5 million averaged over 5 years on these projects. Successful Proposers work closely with a SWB representative throughout the entire process of the project. Projects are to be completed (with all deliverables met) within 18 months of Notice to Proceed.

S&WB Administration Building Stormwater Green Roof Project

Hanging Gardens LLC, in coordination with Evans + Lighter Landscape Architecture LLC for design, Morphy Makofsky, Inc for structural engineering, Independent Roofing Systems, Inc. for roof consulting, Greensite LLC for soil consulting, and AD Greenroof LLC for monitoring and maintenance consultation, will establish a blue and green roofing system at the S&WB Downtown Administration Building at 625 St. Joseph Street in the Central Business District. Hanging Gardens will perform analysis of the green roofing systems performance, maintenance of the installation, establish a supplemental educational curriculum program, and provide for tours for community organizations and the general public. http://www.hanging-gardens.com

Aurora Rain Gardens Project

Gaea Consultants LLC, in coordination with Old Aurora Community Garden and Groundwork New Orleans, will design and implement two types of green infrastructure including a flow-through planter and a rain garden/bioswale at the Aurora Sewer Pump Station at the northeast corner of Carlisle Court and Westchester Street in Algiers. Gaea will also maintain and monitor the green design during the initial project timeline. http://www.gaeaconsultants.com

Coliseum Street Bioswale

Gaea Consultants LLC, in coordination with Coliseum Square Association, Groundwork New Orleans, and the City of New Orleans Department of Public Works, will design and implement a linear bioswale along the right-of way of Coliseum St. where it meets the northwestern boundary of Coliseum Square Park in the Lower Garden District. Gaea will also provide the initial include maintenance and monitoring for this green infrastructure project. http://www.gaeaconsultants.com

Tremé-St. Ann Rain Gardens

The Historic Faubourg Tremé Association, in coordination with Dana Brown and Associates, Groundwork New Orleans, and the City of New Orleans Department of Public Works, will design and implement four rain gardens located at the corners of St. Ann Street and North Robertson Street in the Tremé and include maintenance and monitoring. http://faubourgtreme.wix.com/hfta-1

The Rabouin International High School Green Infrastructure Lab

Hanging Gardens, in coordination with Rabouin International High School and VertiFarms, will design and install a green/blue roof piloting three types of green roof (extensive sedum, watergrip brownie, and food), provide educational webinars to staff, personnel, and students to facilitate and foster analysis of the green roof system's performance. http://www.hanging-gardens.com

Lower 9th Ward Earth Lab

Groundwork New Orleans, in coordination with Common Ground Relief, NET Charter High School, GAEA Engineering Consultants, Waggonner and Ball Architects, Deltares, and Sustainable Ecosystem Restoration, LLC, will construct the Caffin Avenue Lower9 Earth Lab which includes a rain garden, bioswale, green roof, pervious pavement, and water quantity and quality monitoring equipment; develop a curriculum for high school students and a neighborhood adaptability model; and hold professional development workshops for neighborhoods, community groups, residents and professionals. http://www.groundworknola.org

Green Infrastructure Education Program

The Louisiana Urban Stormwater Coalition, in coordination with Dana Brown and Associates, Global Green USA, Water Works, Neighborhood Partnership Network, Engineers Without Borders, Hike for KaTREEna, and Project Home Again, will hold a series of comprehensive outreach and workshops for educating professionals, commercial businesses, homeowners, and neighborhood groups about green infrastructure as a means to improve water quality and to mitigate flooding. http://louisianastormwater.org

The WEB - Project Water Effectiveness in Broadmoor

Land Trust for Louisiana, in coordination with the City of New Orleans, Broadmoor Development Corporation, Evans & Lighter Landscape Architecture, Trigon Associates, and E&E Strategies will study the soils and hydrology on a residential-scale site in Broadmoor and design, implement, and maintain bioswales, rain gardens, and tree plantings to reduce stormwater runoff and improve water quality. http://www.landtrustforlouisiana.org

Green Keepers

Parkway Partners, in coordination with Dana Brown & Associates, Evans & Lighter Landscape Architecture, Spackman, Mossop & Michaels, The Urban Conservancy, Colectivo, and the Magellan Street Garden, will hold a new educational series about green infrastructure for laymen (neighborhood associations, home and community gardeners, community leaders) and professionals (designers, arborists, educators, contractors). The series discusses how to best live with stormwater, rather than in spite of it, using green infrastructure practices.http://parkwaypartnersnola.org

Water Literacy Curriculum

Every New Orleans citizen must graduate high school with basic "water literacy" in order to play a role in shaping the city's infrastructure and urban environment. Teachers, designers, and water experts are working together to develop a growing library of design-based water literacy curriculum. All lessons and units are aligned to rigorous Next Generation Science and Common Core standards. Each unit is conceived and planned as a design challenge, during which students conduct research, develop concepts, test ideas, and present solutions. The project is in its pilot year at KIPP Central City Primary, starting with grades K-4 and expanding to additional schools and grade levels in coming years. http://www.rippleeffectnola.com

Green Infrastructure Project, Central City

Dana Brown & Associates, in coordination with New Orleans Redevelopment Authority, Land Trust for Louisiana, Professional Ground Maintenance, Inc., Hike for KaTREEna, Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, Global Green, and Louisiana Urban Stormwater Coalition, will install, maintain, and monitor a rain garden on a double lot at 2423/2427 S. Galvez Street, and provide educational outreach. http://www.danabrownassociates.com

Florida Ave Corridor Learning Trail

Sankofa CDC, in coordination with Evans & Lighter Landscape Architecture, Dr. John Day of LSU School of the Coast and Environment, Hike for KaTREEna, and key Lower 9th Ward community stakeholders, will design, implement, maintain, and monitor a 1000 foot Learning Trail to include educational signs with green infrastructure features on a 3.75 acre piece of SWB property at the terminus of Dubreuil and Delery Streets between Florida Avenue and the Norfolk Southern Railroad property line adjacent to the Eastbank Wastewater Treatment Plant in the Lower 9th Ward neighborhood. http://www.sankofanola.org

Hollygrove Greenline - A Water Management and Community Education Initiative

Tulane City Center, in coordination with Carrollton-Hollygrove CDC, Dana Brown & Associates, Engineers Without Borders, and Twin Shores Landscape & Construction Services, will design, implement, maintain, and monitor a unique sunshower canopy and roof and bladder system to collect rainwater and distribute to nearby trees and rain garden, as well as grade for site improvements on SWB property at the corner of Forshey and Monroe Streets (approximately 3300 Monroe Street), located in the Hollygrove neighborhood. http://www.tulanecitycenter.org