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Orleans Parish Drinking Water is Safe
As a result of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, utilities nationwide are receiving questions about possible lead in drinking water. Although the situation in the Flint water system was caused by a change in source of water, the Sewerage & Water Board (SWB) - which has always used the same source of water, the Mississippi River - is sharing information about our drinking water and how to address concerns about lead service lines.
Homeowner Responsibility (Water) Diagram
  • Orleans Parish drinking water is SAFE; it is treated, tested & monitored regularly.
  • SWB works closely with the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals and the Environmental Protection Agency to monitor & ensure that lead levels are below the guidelines.
  • While lead service-lines exist, water is treated with a National Sanitation Foundation-certified additive that helps prevent lead from getting into the water.
  • If your home was constructed before 1987, lead plumbing or solder may exist in your home and/or between the meter & your home.
View Tips to Reduce Lead in Drinking Water in the Water Facts section.
If you have concerns about the water service line between the water main and the meter, please Contact Us.