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City Sanitation Fees
The City of New Orleans charges a fee for sanitation and recycling services performed by the City. This fee is included on your Sewerage and Water Board bill to minimize the cost of billing and collection. All monies collected for sanitation fees are paid to the City of New Orleans.

The City of New Orleans handles matters related to these fees. This include billing questions, adjustments, eligibilty for exemptions, and legal action due to non-payment. Questions concerning the sanitation and recycling fees should be directed to the City of New Orleans Treasury Bureau.
(Note: Ask for the Bureau of the Treasury/Sanitation Service Charge Section.)

There are several exemptions to the sanitation fee and/or recycling fee. The general categories for exemption are:
. Large commercial or residential properties who privately contract for sanitation service and pay a Litter Abatement fee.
. Property which is vacant.
. Persons who are elderly and handicapped and meet certain income criteria.

Do not contact the Sewerage and Water Board concerning City fees. We can only refer you to the City for assistance.

Please note that the amount shown on your bill is the total of the rates shown below.
City Sanitation Fees Amount
Residential Units $ 24.00 per unit
Commercial Units $ 48.00 per unit